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Does the intelli-force magnetix flooring system cost more than traditional adhesive based flooring systems?

If applied to a substrate that needs moisture mitigation intelli-force magnetix flooring can be less expensive than comparable existing traditional adhesive based flooring systems. Without the cost of moisture mitigation, there’s a 10-15% premium.

Subsequent installs of the intelli-force magnetix flooring system only requires the top surface to be changed and therefore can be less than 50% of traditional adhesive based systems. The labor costs associated with the intelli-force magnetix flooring system should be significantly less than a traditional adhesive based system.

How do I buy it?

The intelli-force magnetix flooring system is sold by intelli-force magnetix flooring authorized distributors.

Will the magnets affect equipment, devices and humans?

The magnetic field is emitted from the top surface downwards towards the resin. No magnetic field is evident beyond the top surface of the floor or below the resin.

What types of floors can the intelli-force magnetix flooring system be installed to?

Intelli-force magnetix flooring can be installed direct to concrete, terrazzo, solid wood, laminate, plywood, and vinyl if it is down, sound and level. This may often mean that you will not be required to rip up the existing floor saving a huge amount of cost and time in your flooring program.

Is intelli-force magnetix flooring is environmentally preferred to traditional systems?

The resin is almost 99% solid and therefore has negligible voc’s compared to traditional adhesive based systems. When removing an adhesive based floor the adhesive will produce contaminants on the back of the tile. This waste is generally sent to landfill for an adhesive based system. When removing an intelli-force magnetix flooring floor, the top surface can be easily removed and re-used or sent back to the manufacturer to be recycled.