Intelli-Force Magnetix – We offer a full spectrum of magnetic floor systems that work well in both commercial and residential environments which include but is not limited to Medical Facilities, Retail Spaces, Educational Facilities, Sporting Facilities, High Traffic Commercial Areas, Food Markets, Assisted Living Facilities. So if you are a Designer, Architect, Facility Manager or Floor Installer call us, we will change the way you look at flooring !

This works like magic in your hands, the perfect balance between beauty and practicality, charm and innovation, quality and speed.
This is a game-changer in the commercial flooring industry; complete flexibility to quickly update the look of a space whenever you want.
Providing clean, dustless odorless installation, eliminates environmental & safety issues
Flexibility to quickly update those ever changing spaces in only days, not weeks or months.
A safe simple way to permanently encapsulate asbestos flooring
Reduces ongoing maintenance costs… if there’s damage, simply replace a tile.
Making flooring robust, durable, sustainable, fast and easy to install, saving you time and money, with no compromise on the quality and beauty of your finished floor.
Best Performance, durability, and flexibility. Reduce installation times and maintenance costs. Swap out and replace damaged flooring easily.
Change flooring overnight or even while customers are in the store shopping. Clean, Simple & Fast.
Imagine, eliminating the stressful disruption Assisted Living Facilities and their residents experience with traditional flooring replacements.
The Magnetic Wall System that allows ultimate creativity and flexibility to design wall finishes that is limited only by the imagination of the installer.